Relays and Stairs and Wall Sits oh’ My

AO: > Lightening Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Angus, Buckin’ Bobcat


> 55 and overcast, starting to get a bit chilly. Angus was early in a plain grey sweatshirt. Me and my FNG buckin’ Bobcat walked up with 5 minutes to spare.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Mosy with GMM’s to the field

High Knees x15, Butt Kickers x 15, Plank x 15, Merkins x 10

3×3 at the play structure – pullups, big bois, box jumps

The Thang

> Hill Relay: The three of us had to conquer sets of Merkins (150), Squats (150), Lunges (150), and LBC’s (200). While two were doing sets, the other bear crawled up the hill and jogged back down, rotated when he arrived.

Mosy to the track

Wall sits with cherry pickers, overhead press, little arm circles and ‘Can Can’s’ x 15 ea

Stair run on the bleachers

Wall sits with Cherry Pickers, morrocan Nightclubs, and ‘Can Can’s’ x 15ea


> Scrunchy Frog x 10, plank x 15, side plank L/R x 15, freddie mercury x 15


> We often spend significant time preparing ourselves for important professional meetings and I’ve been focused lately on coaching around this same level of prep in our interactions as leaders – spending sufficient prep time thinking through important leadership interactions. This can also extend to our wives and children. Our leadership at home, often, is more important that that in the professional setting, and deserves as much time, focus, and preparation.