Mike Tyson Runs?

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Angus

PAX: Lumbergh (Q), Angus, Danish, Walkman, Tater Tot


55 Degrees with clear skies. No tears, grind for weekend beers!

Angus was early, yet again, holding strong to never being late. Danish was zoning, ready to crush whatever came his way. Walkman waffled between showing off his new manicure or getting the gloves he left in his car to assist with coupon work (jk on the manicure part). Warm up started and out of the fryer popped Tater Tot, slightly tardy but HERE, that’s more than most!

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 15
SSH x 20
Scissor Arms x 15
SSH x 20
Third Grade Exercises x 15

Mosey to the Track with Coupon, if you stop you squat (x 10 as a PAX)

Place coupons at the 50 yard line of the track, split into two groups

The Thang

Alternating stations, start with run, complete your station, run again complete other station (goal is 5 rounds of each finishing with the run)

Run 400m

Station 1 with Coupon
Thrusters x 10
KB Swing x 10
Curl to press x 10
Weighted Squat x 10
Vertical Block Press (on your six) x 10

Run 400m

Station 2 without Coupon
Burpees x 10
Mike Tysons x 10
Big Bois x 10
Spread Eagle x 10
Box Cutters x 10

Run 400m

Banter — Walkman/Angus/Lumbergh joked about time management with recent Qs, Angus showed true leadership admitting time gap in recent Q and the ability and agility and utter BS required to fit in an impromptu 5 min exercise…

PAX was laughing a lot this Friday, in between some major huffing and puffing, glad to see the 2nd F growing deep roots in the Portland Gloom.

Mosey back to the Courtyard


Flutter Kicks 15 count, LBCs 15 count, Plank ran out the clock


Comprised of two components “unwavering LOYALTY to the group and the unflinching DETERMINATION to accomplish it’s mission.”
  1. Loyalty requires the abandonment of self, HIMs put the interest of his group and the needs of its members before their own.
  2. While loyalty manifests itself most often in the things a man won’t do, determination is measured by the things he will and does do.

F3Portland is only as strong as those standing next to you. Invest in each other, commit to the mission, and lead more FNGs to this wealth of knowledge, strength and brotherhood.

_that’s a wrap, Lumbergh