Bleacher Report

AO: > Lightening Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Angus, Lumbergh, Danish


> 55 and overcast

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

>Mosy and GMM’s to the hill

Bear crawl up, plank x 15, shoulder tap x 15, jog down, high knees x 15, butt kickers x 15, bear crawl up, mountain climbers x 15, peter parkers x 15, jog down, imperial walkers x 15, arm scissors x 15

Mosy to bleachers

The Thang

> Merkin mountain up the bleachers (~8 to the top), bulgarian split squat of the same number at the top, jog down, same number of step ups.

reduce by rep (7,6,5…) and repeat

This PAX was faster than expected.

Six man run for a lap, head to the endzone, bear crawls and every 20 yards alternate 10 big bois and 10 LBC’s

Mosy to the flagpole


> Plank x 10, Side Plank left x 10, Side plank Right x 10, Shoulder tap x 10, American Hammer x 10, LBC x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15


>The debate was a great example of an absence of leadership. Not with the debaters, but with the moderator. He had a chance to set and enforce the rules. It’s important for us, as leaders, to be conscious of when we have the opportunity to moderate; to be aware of when to set some rules and you can, with a few well timed and honest words and questions, change the nature of a debate.

> Walkman