Deck of Death for VQ

AO: > Lightening Rod

QIC: > WalkMan

PAX: > Angus, Lumbergh, Walkman (VQ)


> 60 degree’s and overcast, most of the smoke was gone, light drizzle to cool us off as we headed back for 6MOM.

Angus and Lumbergh both there early to help me kick off my VQ.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Mosy with Good Morning Merkins (GMM’s) and a ticket check at every curb, price of admission was (20) calf raises on the way to the track.

High Knees x 15, Butt Kickers x 15, Squat x 10, Imperial Walker x 15, Scissor Arms x 15

The Thang

> Deck of Death

  • Diamonds – American hammers
  • Spades – Freddie Mercury’s
  • Hearts – Burpees (duh)
  • Clubs – Peter Parkers
  • Jokers – stair run

Missed the last 6-8 cards, including some high heart cards due to


> No Mary’s as DoD took longer than expected.



I’m working on taking my family and career in a new direction and I’ve been re-acquainted recently with how difficult it is to bump, forcefully and intentionally, into our own limits, boundaries, and ceilings. When we find the true edge of our capabilities it’s scary, the path is unknown, the outcome isn’t certain, and our character limitations flare. Our defaults kick in; to retreat, doubt, and redirect. As men, our natural reaction to this instinct is often to push harder – that’s one of the reasons I love this group, it re-enforces that instinct to push because we are often capable of so much more than we think. But growth – in emotion, skill, perspective, and character do not always follow the growth path of our physical bodies and the associated mental strain. The instincts we hone in the gloom are often incredibly valuable, they forge our character in meaningful ways, and sometimes they are at odds with true leadership. As I was preparing for this I was drawn to a book that was shared with me a few years ago, by my coach, that helped me grow substantial as a leader, father, husband, and man. In the tao of leadership, it is said, “I am at peace, and have energy to spare, because I am not resisting what is happening.” This can only be the case when we are present, observing what is happening in a humble effort to understand how things happen. In these moments, we are afforded a rare opportunity to redirect the outcome – the one we’ve been pushing so hard to accomplish – into the river of what is possible. To become a part of Tao in a way that we could never have intended, but that may ultimately serve us more in alignment with our vision and values. Doing this requires courage, presence, and humility.

With that, I’d like to close us out in an offering. It’s important for everyone to note that while the third F in F3 is faith, this is not a religious entity. We acknowledge faith as a belief in something outside ourselves. And while I am not religious in any formal sense, I have a tremendous amount of respect for speaking good things into the world, and into the lives of the people I care for. And so with that, If you’ll accept it, I’d like to offer this. May you be courageous enough to look into the face of your challenge and ask what it has to share with you, humble enough to listen, and present enough to decide what to do with what you hear. May you be at peace, have energy to spare, and not resist what is happening.

> Walkman